Sonntag, 29. April 2007

Start Again From First Principles

I'm a radical in the original sense. I think from first principles, I don't forget the basic assumptions. Our society is so complicated, we often seem to forget what we are trying to acchieve in the first place. It is time to reexamine our theories against their original assumptions.

This blog is quiesent until I have more time.

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Bruce Wilder hat gesagt…

mattyoung seems harmless enough

I've been trying to engage him with various comments, replying to his remarks.

He's so "orthogonal" to the thinking of the rest of us, it is difficult to imagine, how, let alone if, he would engage.

But, we shall see. And, I am willing to just let it go. I see no cause to feel provoked or antagonistic. At least, he's not mindlessly repeating the same damn thing over and over.